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My Reflections with Christ on Gaining New Spiritual Territory Daily
Thursday, May 14 11:20:56 2009

Most of what we experience in life today is strongly tethered to our choices that kept us wandering in the wilderness like those of the old testament Bible prophesies. The way of worldly thinking and behavior is and has always led to idolatry, wars, rape, ruin, disorder, waste, terrorism, famine; with a delusion of entitlement.
The list of what I can not explain today is a humiliatingly long one. But I know, that I know, that I know- that I am not my own.
In that knowing, I am to gain new spiritual territory daily. It doesn’t just happen. The “rest” I find in Jesus, surpasses all understanding because it is void of the plague of worry. Trust is the fuel of all forward action in gaining illuminating ground.
Alternatively, if I magnify the enemy, opposition begins to pave its own way to a stronghold. If I fail TO BELIEVE IN God’s promise, this new level will contain a new devil. As a result, new spiritual territory lies on the other side of a huge fight with devils and principalities. If I listen to a bad report that voids available abundance, it WILL minimize who I am in Christ’s army inciting only false humility. You can tell how grounded I am by what it takes to discourage me. As a man thinks, so he is. Time spent complaining about our leaders is a false prophesy on God’s ability to accomplish all He has comprised in their position. When I operate from a victim mentality instead of glorifying God by praising Him for the victory over death, hell and the grave through His obedient Son….then my life will only reflect victimization.
God will never violate my freedom to wallow. He has been faithful in revealing as a warning that all I renounce (reject, forsake) I actually take ownership of for the rest of my life. I am the cause and culprit; choosing, right, wrong or indifference. Jesus disciples do not camp around the cross, they move into the resurrection. This however, is not where they hunker down; they progress even further ascending into victory!!! He lives! The stone was rolled away. The tomb is empty from that glorious day to the next, eternal conquest. Glory to glory is His intended journey for me and Christ is the only One who can take me where I want to go with God.
By His stripes I am already healed, whole, affirmed, anointed, consecrated -to Him, through Him, by Him, for Him.
Everyone on this planet has the same undisputable claim. The only thing that is between that truth and my appointed spiritual position is my willingness to accept in humility His gift that would supply my own honest report. I am God's testimony! The stone in my heart was not rolled away in the wreckage of my past. It was when Christ took my bad report of all I felt I was and gave me a new report to share…of forgiveness! Love is not a feeling, it’s an ability. This is the love that conquers all.
Therefore, love is not a feeling which can not be shared, but an ability to serve in the capacity I was created for. G-ood O-rderly D-irection which inspires through eternal, unconditional love. Love, is another name for God. Recovery from self begins with it and is maintained through monitoring those vital signs of willingness, acceptance, humility and honesty, for continual recovery from self – by applying transforming truth.
Willingness to trust, acceptance of a position of obedience, abide in humility, exchanging my honesty for His transforming truth. Furthering Gods kingdom, is to trust, obey, abide and transform, glorifying the Father in Jesus name.
If I abide in His love, then I can rest without worry that He will care for all those I love. I am free indeed, by the Son, to move out of my
comfort zone, far from my camp, and give good report to those sick, suffering, and lost. I rejoice in being filled with His truth in knowing, He still moves stones!
But first….He knocks.

Touched by Him,

Linda Rudder






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